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IPL Facial Rejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment can help to soften and reduce the appearance of skin conditions such as:

  • Rosacea
  • Sun damage
  • Age pigmentation spots
  • Diffused Redness
  • Thread veins
  • Birth marks

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

A Skin Rejuvenation treatment can simultaneously treat a wide range of facial imperfections safely and effectively such as broken capillaries, skin discolouration, age spots, freckles, sun
damage, mottled pigmentation and rosacea. It also improves enlarged pores and dull complexions to give a smoother, revitalised skin. The skin feels tighter and looks firmer. The same treatment can be used highly effectively on the neck, chest and hands.


Redness / Veins / Rosacea

Diffuse redness refers to a condition caused by dilated capillaries, most commonly affecting the nose, forehead, and cheeks. These enlarged blood vessels do not present themselves as defined vasculature, but rather as a general facial redness. IPL skin rejuvenation treatment can dramatically reduce the everyday redness experienced Facial thread veins are small superficial red, purple or blue veins that occur around the nose and across the cheeks and chin. Often the exact cause is unknown and may just be part of the natural ageing process. Facial vessels are effectively treated with Intense Pulse Light (IPL), with minimal downtime or risk, in just a few quick and easy treatments or encompass into your overall skin rejuvenation treatment.


Everybody loves the sunshine! It’s good for the soul and the immediate effect it has on the skin such as a tan and healthy glow are much desired. However, in the long term sun exposure decreases the production of collagen and leads to uneven pigmentation, redness and a lack of firmness. Sun spots, liver spots, freckles and other unwanted pigmentation are often associated with skin ageing and over-exposure to the sun or sunbeds. From the age of about 40 the skin is less able to regenerate from sun exposure and age spots start to appear. Generally, these age spots pose no health risk, however they can be unsightly and create a patchy, less youthful appearance. Freckling and age spots are successfully lightened or removed by Intense Pulse Light (IPL).

Consultation and Prices

Treatment prices normally fall between £70 to £150 depending on the area being treated and the length of your appointment. In any case you will always have a full one to one consultation with your therapist who can suggest all treatments types and give you an exact price.

Consultation is £30 and full refundable against your first treatment.

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