The salon offers a variety of therapeutic massage treatments designed to soothe and rejuvenate. Among these, the Hot Stone Massage provides deep relaxation using heated stones, while the Scalp, Neck and Head Massage focuses on relieving tension in key areas. For a more customised experience, the Swedish Body Massage targets specific stress points. Additionally, there’s a specialised Pregnancy Massage, tailored for expectant mothers, which ensures comfort and safety. Each massage is crafted to enhance wellbeing and address individual needs, offering a holistic approach to relaxation and stress relief.

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Hot Stone Massage

A massage using heated healing basalt stones along with oil to soothe and melt away aches, pains or tension. This treatment is a full body massage and will leave you feeling relaxed, soothed and increases the feeling of wellbeing. 80 minutes allows for a full body hot stone experience.

80 minutes £89

Scalp, Neck and Head Massage

A soothing massage for the head, neck and shoulders, using a combination of Indian Head Massage and Pressure Point Therapy to relax and rejuvenate.

30 minutes £41

Swedish Body Massage

Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this powerful, customised massage. Use this relaxing massage to focus on areas of tension whether you feel it is in your neck and shoulders, legs, feet or arms. Talk to your therapist to make sure we make the most of your time.

45 minutes £55
60 minutes £69
90 minutes £97

Pregnancy Massage

This treatment is designed specifically for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy (after 12 weeks and up to 40 weeks). A full body massage using pregnancy safe oils. The treatment is performed on a comfortable couch with supports and targets backache, tension and heavy legs. 75 minuets is a full relaxing body massage, 90 also includes scalp and front of shoulders.

75 minutes £83
90 minutes £97


Reflexology is a wonderful holistic treatment that can be effective in promoting wellbeing. The Reflexologist, Alana, will carry out a specialist foot massage that involves using the fingers and thumbs to stimulate the reflex points on the feet, all of which correlate to different areas of the body.

60 minutes £69

Reflexology and Head massage. For a real treat why not add a 15 minute head massage to the end of your reflexology to complexly and utterly relax.

75 minutes £87

Luxury Facial Massage

The ultimate relaxation. This is a 30min Swedish body massage finishing with a 45minuit Dermalogica Pro Skin Facial to totally unwind. Speak to your therapist about what you would like to achieve from your time and we can tailor both the facial and massage to your needs within the time.

75 minutes £92