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Microblading Questions and Answers

Does it hurt?

It is the question I get asked the most during consultation and it is a hard one to answer as each person has different pain thresholds. No one has ever not finished the set because of the pain that is for sure! It is a little uncomfortable to start with but we use numbing cream and I have even had a few people fall asleep! So, it is really nothing to put you off I promise, we will take it at your pace.

How long does it take?

You come in for an initial consultation of 30/45 minutes and fill in the forms we need to make sure Microblading is the right treatment for you. Then you come back when you are ready and have the treatment which can take up to 3 hours. Six weeks later when the brows are healed you come back for a consultation to check how they have healed and if we need to we can fill in any gaps to make sure they are just perfect.

Can I wear make up afterwards?

We advise not to put any make up around your brows for up to two weeks however you can wear light face make up avoiding the brow area. You don’t leave red and blotchy and could go to work or pick up the kids without scaring them but it would be advisable not to have any big occasions for at least 2 weeks afterwards 4 if you can while your brows heal. Your brows can look up for 40% darker for the week following the treatment so just bare that in mind when you are making plans.

How long will they last?

Its tough to make a blanket statement on this as will be influenced by varying factors however the pigment can last between 18 and 30 months. Over time the strokes lose their crispness and thus require a touch up anywhere between 7 months to a year post treatment. There are lots of factors that can additionally contribute to colour loss over time, skin type, pigment fades faster in oily skin. Sun exposure is a massive influencing factor so make sure you wear an spf in your moisturiser. Strong exfoliation and vitamin A (Retinol) can lessen the longevity over time so avoid the brow area.

What training have you had?

I am fully qualified with KB Pro Novalash lash, they are one of the industry leaders in microblading and permanent cosmetics so I promise you are in safe hands. I have been involved in some form of brow treatment for over 13 years so am well experienced in brows of all shapes and sizes and know what works with face shape.

Terms and Conditions

A £50 deposit is required to secure a consultation. Should you decide to change your mind about having the procedure your deposit will be lost. The rest of the payment of £250 is payable when booking your microblading appointment. Top up appointments must be booked 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment. Top ups after that time will incur an additional charge. Polished holds a 48 hour cancellation policy, if the appointment is cancelled after this time your deposit will be lost. We will of course take into account exceptional circumstances.

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