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About Laser Hair Removal

Put an end to slow, messy and painful methods of hair removal! By harnessing the natural power of light the Ellipse Micro-light uses short, safe bursts of light emitted from a flash-lamp to remove unwanted hair from all body sites in minutes. Excessive or unsightly body hair can be upsetting for both men and women and difficult or inconvenient to remove. Laser hair removal is a rapid, yet gentle way of removing unwanted hair, and is medically proven to give you permanent hair reduction.


Who is it for?

The treatment is perfect for anybody that requires hair reduction on an unwanted area. We can effectively treat all skin types for a reduction in hair growth as long as the hair colour is darker than the skin and the client is over 18 years of age.

How does it work?

Hair contains pigment called melanin that absorbs the light and converts it into heat. The hair transmits this heat to the follicle, which is then destroyed and renders it unable to produce new hair, You can expect to receive a long term 85-95% reduction in the entire hair growth. Watch the video of a underarm treatment being carried out below.

Is it safe?

The light used is completely safe, visible light. Potentially harmful wavelengths are removed by the unique Ellipse filtering system that is specially designed to match your skin type and hair type, assuring exceptionally exact and gentle treatments. Clinical trials conducted by leading authorities on pulsed light document its safety and effectiveness.

How many treatments are needed for permanent hair reduction?

To answer this question we need to discuss the hair growth cycle. There are 3 different stages of hair growth.
Anagen - growing stage
Catagen - transition stage
Telogen - resting stage
When we treat an area all hair growth stages are targeted however only hair in the anagen (growth) stage can be treated successfully as this is where the hair is attached to the dermal papilla and blood supply and is most likely to be destroyed. The hairs can be in any of these three stages at any one time. The number of hairs in the anagen phase at any one time varies from 10-70% depending on the body site. We would therefore recommend 3-6 treatments with 4-8 week intervals for the best results. It is important to keep to your appointment dates as much possible to give us the best chance of catching the hairs in the growing phase.

What happens in between treatments?

In between each session you will have a fall out phase; this is usually 1-3 weeks after a session. The hair sheds away and you are left with a smooth finish. A couple of weeks later the hair begins to re grow, it becomes softer, finer and is reduced by around 20% of the entire growth each time.

How does the treatment feel?

The treatment sensation varies from area to area and from person to person. As the light energy is absorbed by melanin, the sensation that is felt depends upon the amount of melanin found in the epidermis and the hairs. Therefore it hurts more in darker skinned/tanned individuals and those with dense black hair. General feeling is a short, sharp flick and heat for a split second on the skin. The sensation is quite mild.

Is the treatment like waxing or electrolysis?

No. Ellipse is very different from electrolysis and waxing. In comparison to electrolysis – Electrolysis is a much slower process as the needle has to be inserted into the hair follicle one at a time, Electrolysis can also be painful and can cause scarring. The hair growth needs to be a certain length before waxing can be repeated and again some people can find it painful. Also in some cases the after effects can be a disadvantage to the client i.e. ingrown hairs and skin reactions. Ellipse treats larger areas of hair growth in shorter periods of time. It is less painful, much faster, more convenient and has been shown to reduce in-growing hairs and skin reactions

Is there any after care?

We recommend that you avoid heat treatments including hot baths, saunas, and steam rooms for 24-48 hours. You MUST avoid the sun and sun beds for 30 days before and after treatments and Factor 30+ must be worn to reduce this risk. Fake tanning products can be used 2 weeks either side of a treatment but must be completely removed before the next session.

How does Ellipse Light compare to other laser and IPL systems?

Safety and results sets the Ellipse apart from all other laser and IPL systems due to its patented ‘dual mode filtering’ system. All clinical data has been published in the ‘journal of Cutaneous Laser Therapy’ demonstrating the Full potential of the system. The background of Ellipse is that they are the company responsible for the manufacture and development of the Gamma Camera used for cancer diagnostic treatment and are fully FDA approved.

How do I start?

Firstly you can book an appointment for a consultation; we will go through a few medical questionnaires with you to see if you are eligible for the treatment. Following this we will explain to you in full detail what the treatment entails and answer any questions for you. A patch test on the area will then be carried out to check for any skin sensitivity to light treatments. This will also give you a chance to experience the sensation of the light on your skin so that you know what to expect when coming in for your first treatment.

If you still have anymore questions please get in touch and speak to our specialists Hollie or Rochelle.Before and after Ellipse - January 2015-page-035 Before and after Ellipse - January 2015-page-042 Before and after Ellipse - January 2015-page-037

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